Annyeong^^ this facts are from “JeongMinFacts” in twitter. U can Follow them.
This is Heo Young Saeng Facts:
  1. YS thinks he is the best in the group because he is always silent
  2. YS had a VERY difficult life during trainee years but didn’t tell his mom about it coz he didnt want her to be worried
  3. YS starts as a trainee on DSP at the age of 18 y/o
  4. YS does a lot of self-cam
  5. YS is mostly quiet & preferring to let everyone else do the talking
  6. YS seems to be more popular among children under 10 years old
  7. YS was given the nickname Otter because he looks like one, but actually he don’t know what is “otter
  8. YS was given nickname Prince by fans
  9. YS has also being called Dr.Love by other members because of his impressive knowledge of a girl
  10. YS is the first member who has both composed & wrote lyrics for a song
  11. YS composed & wrote his solo song, ‘사랑인 거죠 (saranginkeojyo)
  12. YS is good friends with Suju’s Siwon, Suju’s Yesung, JYJ’s Jaejoong & TVXQ’s Yunho
  13. YS once said that he feared of Japanese peoples mind (i dont know why)
  14. YS favorite manga is Dragon Ball
  15. YS had troath surgery on 2006 & caused them to go on hiatus for a while
  16. YS has at least 1000 photos in his digicam
  17. YS like to wears big shirts and pants
  18. When YS thinks the camera isn’t on him he will slack off with his dancing
  19. YS doesnt like potatoes & fish
  20. YS will wash his chest first when bath time
  21. In an interview YS once stated that he didn’t like his voice & wished it were manlier
Thankyou ^^

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