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To affiliate or friends, post a comment in this thread with the form below. Also, before approving your affiliation request, you must have our affiliate button linking back to our site somewhere on your site before we post yours up 🙂

<a href=”https://501island.wordpress.com”><img src=”//i54.tinypic.com/kcb11c.jpgi49.tinypic.com/atrl89.jpg” alt=”” /></a>


<a href=”https://501island.wordpress.com”><img src=”//i52.tinypic.com/1zexfgn.gif” alt=”” /></a>

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  1. fcuzed2brian says:

    hi chingu, we already affiliate before.. but i think you get the wrong banner url ?the banner was banned at your blog, but not at my blog..
    use the right url please > http://i1098.photobucket.com/albums/g362/fcuzed2brian/my-l.gif (INFINITE SOUL)

    thanks dear~ ^__^ have a nice day !

  2. <a href=””www.501island.wordpress.com”” target=””_blank””><img src=”//i52.tinypic.com/1zexfgn.gif”” border=”none”>

  3. juneonnie says:

    nama blog : Korean Fanfiction Indo
    link blog : http://koreanfanfictionindo.wordpress.com
    link banner : http://gickr.com/results4/anim_aa355728-13fd-afb4-457a-71f7d8a2aa03.gif

    bannernya uda dipasang di blog aku^^

  4. bannernya uda d pasang….mohon di pasang juga yah..gomawo

  5. Hannie ♥ says:

    bannernya sdh ku pasang 😀
    pasang banner Miss Simple ya~

  6. ekaaputri10 says:

    banner already added,. add punya kita juga yaaa 😀

  7. Shinyunyun says:

    Chingu, YFF uda masang bannernya 😀 pasang yg kami juga ya~~ gomawo 🙂

  8. ekaaputri10 says:

    admin, kok banner alwaysb1a4indo belum di add yaaa?

  9. ekaaputri10 says:

    MIN, kok punya alwaysb1a4indo ngga dipasang2 yaaa? O.o
    kita udah lama masang punya kalian lllllllllloooooohhh~, pas kalian minta pasang langsung kami pasang^^

    Name forum/blog: B1A4 Indonesia

    URL Banner: http://i.imgur.com/50lGI.gif

    Link forum/blog: http://alwaysb1a4indo.com/


  10. Blog name : JINYOUNG Indonesia (JinyoungIndoFC)
    URL : http://jinyoung-indo.co.cc
    Banner link : http://i1179.photobucket.com/albums/x395/JinyoungIndoFC/Banner.gif

    punya blog ini udah dipasang bisa di liat di link kami 🙂


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